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My name is Farhan Ahsan,I am web enthusiast,writer and blogger, I always strive to be passionate about my work , I am a poultry lover,my interests are gardening,wildlife,nature and farming.

15 inspiring and creative vertical gardening ideas.

Vertical gardening a new trend in urban gardening where you’ve limited space adds beauty and allows you to better utilize ur gardening space.Various ideas comes under vertical gardening such as using pallets,trellis,hanging pots,living walls and wire fencing.Each of these ideas have their own advantages besides maximizing gardening space such as wire fencing and trellis provide support to vegetables that like to climb up,hanging flowers pots or baskets on your balcony or in the yard attract butterflies or bees.Here are 15 inspiring vertical gardening ideas,designs or plans to maximize ur gardening space.

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